Sump pump

Sump pump

Sump pump units and their importance

What is a sump pump

As per definition, a sump pump is a pump of small dimensions that is usually located in the lower part of a basement. The main objective of having such a pump is to keep the area underneath buildings dry and avoid underground flooding. The sump pumps are usually installed in sump pits that are constructed especially at the time of construction of homes and buildings. The sump pit collects water which flows from drains and other natural water flowing processes. The water is then pumped out of the pit and kept away from the basement or the crawl spaces to keep such spaces dry. See sump pumps here

In America about sixty percent of homes suffer from wetness that collects below the ground. Most homeowners face the dilemmas of flooded basements some point in time. Even a little amount of water that collects in such areas and remain for months can cause damages that take thousands of dollars to repair. Moist basements lead to growth of mold and mildew. Such moisture related problems perpetrate the walls and inner structures of homes and buildings and not only weaken the foundation of such buildings but also lead to breathing and health problems.

sump pump

Functions and design

Sump pump is a common fixture that is prevalent in homes which are in low lying areas and in places where heavy snow and melting occurs annually. Nowadays most modern homes in America come fitted with a sump pump. Such a device is built in a sump pit. This is a hole dug into the ground with a gravel base that is two feet deep and eighteen inches in width. When this pit fills with water, the pump needs to be turned on. The pump then removes the liquid away from the pit with the help of pipes that take the fluid away from the home or the foundation of a building. There is a check valve in the pipe fitted with such a pump to prevent the water from flowing back into the sump pit. Some pumps are so designed that they are turned on when water collects above a certain level. Such pumps are fitted with a pressure sensor or float activator device. Automatic pumps are preferred than manual pumps and these can also be turned on manually if the automatic senor fails to work. Such pumps are usually powered by electricity and come of two primary designs, a submersible pump that allows it to rest in water while a pedestal pump keeps the pumps away from the pit. The latter pumps are louder but more inexpensive than submersible pumps.

Maintenance tips

There are a couple of things that house owners need to take note of in order to keep such pumps in good working condition. The pumps need to be connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter whose cord should stay in good shape. The pumps should stay upright as the vibrations often make them tilt or fall to one side. One can check that the pump is working by pouring water into the pit and seeing whether the water is being pumped away.

Keeping sump pumps in good working condition is necessary to keep the foundation of a home or building healthy.

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